Can you actually make money as a travel blogger?

You just quit your job and apartment, packed your stuff and got a one-way ticket to see the world… What now? How to make money? Travelling can be really inexpensive if you have the right tools and a few ideas on how to share your experience online.

Some people choose the internet to help them with their finances while on the road. They travel the world, writing articles about distant lands, taking photos of natural wonders and exotic animals and then publish them online on their blog to show as many people as possible the most beautiful and impressive corners of the earth. These “digital nomads”, equipped with their laptop and camera only, move from one city to another, relying solely on the Internet.  With affiliate marketing and with travelling advice, such a blog can generate a substantial income for their owner.

By recommending products and services that are used while travelling, so-called affiliate marketing. Be it a coupon code, a great book for travelling, a bonus for lottery drawing, having a handy set of tips available for your users will make you extra money on the road.

Starting a travel blog can be a successful venture while travelling. We interviewed one of the world’s most successful writers to reveal exclusively how long it took him to make money with his blog and how much he can earn with it each month?

Patrick Hundt from started his blog in August 2012 at the beginning of his journey halfway around the world with probability casino targets. At the same time, he began to write down his experiences on the Internet. For a year, the now 31-year-old continued to develop his blog, wrote new articles and gave tips and tricks on the subject of mrmobi and how he raised the necessary funding with affiliate marketing online.

For all those newbies, affiliate marketing works similar to sharing profits:

For each reader who buys something on the basis of his recommendation, Patrick receives a commission from the respective company. For example, he recommends a trekking backpack available at Amazon. If somebody buys the trekking backpack, throughthe shareable affiliate link, he posts on his site, he earns a certain percentage from the order, which is sent directly to his account at Amazon.

On the other hand, the blogger has now published eight ebooks and a book in which he gives tips for backpacking beginners and other travel bloggers.When asked if he ever regretted anything about his life as a digital self-employed person, Patrick replies: “I have no regrets. On the contrary: I am very glad to have started the blog at that time, when I went on a trip around the world. That opened up completely new possibilities for me. So I did not have to look for a job after my return, but could just continue traveling. “

For about seven months, Patrick has been able to live well on the income from his blog. “This year, I spend an average of 4,000 euros a month. Sometimes it is a little less, sometimes something more. The amount of income depends on the travel season, he told us. had about 153,000 page views last month.